Press clippings

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Cavium Mont-Blanc HPC software stack tested on E4's HPC platform based on ARM64 Cavium ThunderX processor 13 July 2015 Bull et Cray vont concevoir les premiers supercalculateurs ARM 20 January 2017
Ecotendencies 11 projectes sobre sostenibilitat i TIC. Descobreix-los dimarts 29 de maig a CosmoCaixa Barcelona 29 May 2012
Primeur Magazine 2014 Another year on the road to Exascale - An Interview with Satoshi Matsuoka and Thomas Sterling - Part I 23 February 2015
The Next Platform Applied Micro Renews ARM Assault On Intel Servers 09 March 2017
The Register Applied Micro's X-Gene server chip ARMed to the teeth 30 August 2012
eWeek Applied Micro, Cavium Showcase ARM-Based Platforms for HPC 13 July 2015
Kaldata ARM - основа за новите суперкомпютри 28 May 2013
The Next Platform ARM Antes Up For An HPC Software Stack 15 March 2017
The Next Platform ARM Momentum Builds for European HPC Set 03 February 2016
TG Daily ARM powers CPU/GPU hybrid supercomputer 14 November 2011
HPCWire ARM Scales Chips for Datacenters, HPC 17 March 2016
The Next Platform ARM Server Chips Challenge X86 in the Cloud 01 February 2017
HPC Wire blog ARM Waving: Attention, Deployments, and Development 18 January 2017 ARM’s smartphone processors could soon challenge Intel in the mainframe market: Research 30 May 2013
Wall Street Journal blog Barcelona Center Makes Super Bet on Cellphone Chips. 14 November 2011
Col.legi Oficial d'Enginyeria en Informàtica de Catalunya Barcelona construeix el primer megaordinador del món basat en telèfons mòbils 24 April 2012
Fet a Barcelona és un bon lloc per fer recerca en tecnologia 05 February 2013
WikiNoticia Barcelona have one of the world's most efficient supercomputers based on ARM, can also become the fastest? 04 April 2012 Barcelona Supercomputer ARMed For Assault on World’s Fastest Machines 03 April 2012 Barcelona Supercomputer Green 08 April 2012
HPC Wire Barcelona Supercomputing Center Selects Allinea Debugger for Mont Blanc Project 11 November 2011
X-Bit Labs Barcelona Supercomputing Center Selects Samsung Exynos Processor for Supercomputer 19 November 2012
SOC Central Barcelona Supercomputing Center to Deploy ARM-Based CPU/ GPU Hybrid Supercomputer 14 November 2011
ARM Barcelona Supercomputing Center to Deploy Prototype ARM-based CPU/GPU Supercomputer 14 November 2010
Nvidia Barcelona Supercomputing Center to Deploy World's First ARM-Based CPU/GPU Hybrid Supercomputer 13 November 2011
Market Wire Barcelona Supercomputing Center to Deploy World's First ARM-Based CPU/GPU Hybrid Supercomputer 14 November 2011
Inside HPC Barcelona Team to Build ARM Cluster at ISC Student Cluster Competition 19 May 2015
Gizmologia Barcelona tendrá una de las Supercomputadoras más eficientes del mundo basada en ARM, ¿puede convertirse también en la más rápid 04 April 2012