Press clippings

Media Title Publication Date
ISC HPC Blog The Computational Power of Camp Nou 20 June 2014
Scientific Computing World Setting store by reliability 13 June 2014
Next Big Future Europe plans to use Smartphone ARM chips and GPUs to make an exaflop supercomputer that is 30 to 50 times more energy efficient than the best supercomputers today 22 May 2014
IEEE SPECTRUM Europe Wants a Supercomputer Made From Smartphones 20 May 2014
Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) Newsletter update FET through the keyhole 06 May 2014
Radio 3 Fallo de Sistema - Episodio 130: La fusión nuclear de Helios 20 April 2014
CORDIS MONTBLANC – Scaling new heights of computing performance 09 April 2014
Excelenciencia Tecnología móvil para correr más 06 March 2014
EC Flyer High Performance Computing PPP: Mastering the next generation of computing technologies for innovative products and scientific discovery 15 December 2013
Computer Hoy Proyecto Mont-Blanc 09 December 2013
HPC Wire Mont Blanc Forges Cluster from Smartphone Chips 22 November 2013
Wired One Man’s Dream to Build a Supercomputer From Cellphone Chips 15 November 2013
ISGTW Making computing for ‘big science’ more green 13 November 2013
Scientific Computing World SC13 preview: European Exascale projects 02 November 2013
Develop 3D blog SIGGRAPH 2013 #5: Rendering star power 25 July 2013
HPC Wire HPC to Ride ARM's Lengthening Tail 18 July 2013
ISC Blog Exascale supercomputing on a million mobile phones 03 June 2013 ARM’s smartphone processors could soon challenge Intel in the mainframe market: Research 30 May 2013
Noticias 3D Xeon y Opteron ya no serán la opción para las supercomputadoras 29 May 2013
TweakPC In naher Zukunft ARM statt x86 in Supercomputern? 29 May 2013
Kaldata ARM - основа за новите суперкомпютри 28 May 2013
InfoWorld Smartphone chips could replace server processors in HPC, researchers say 28 May 2013
Fudzilla Xeon and Opteron dead on supercomputers 27 May 2013
AG Mobiele chips veelbelovend voor supercomputers 27 May 2013 Tror på mobilbrikker i superdatamaskiner 27 May 2013
Le Monde Informatique Les puces ARM vont révolutionner le HPC 27 May 2013
Networld Naukowcy twierdzą - procesory instalowane w smartfonach zastąpią w przyszłości w systemach HPC układy x86 27 May 2013
PC World Smartphone chips may power servers, researchers say 25 May 2013
Computerworld Smartphone chips could replace server processors in HPC, researchers say 24 May 2013
ARNNET Smartphone chips could replace server processors in HPC, researchers say 24 May 2013