Press clippings

Media Title Publication Date
WikiNoticia Barcelona have one of the world's most efficient supercomputers based on ARM, can also become the fastest? 04 April 2012 Barcelona Supercomputer ARMed For Assault on World’s Fastest Machines 03 April 2012
The Verge Energy efficient supercomputer could eventually become most powerful in the world 03 April 2012
Gizmodo Can An ARM-Based Supercomputer Become the World’s Fastest? 03 April 2012
La Vanguardia Supercomputadores en Barcelona 19 March 2012
La Vanguardia La UPC fabrica un superordenador basado en móviles 17 March 2012
La Vanguardia El supercibercerebro 17 March 2012
InsideHPC Complete Guide to Energy Efficiency Topics at SC12 11 March 2012
Scientific Computing World From mobile phone to supercomputers? 19 February 2012
European Commission - Press release Digital Agenda: Plan to make EU the world leader in High-Performance Computing 14 February 2012
UPC Informacions Mont-Blanc, un supercomputador de baix consum 23 December 2011
Prevención Integral Proyecto europeo para construir el supercomputador más potente del mundo 21 December 2011
EC Europa Eric Schmidt at the EC's Innovation Convention: citing the European research project MontBlanc to reduce energy consumption 20 December 2011
Technology Review Un nuevo prototipo para una supercomputación más potente y eficiente 19 December 2011
PRACE newsletter Featured project: Mont-Blanc – Europe invests in designing a new energy-efficient Exascale machine 15 December 2011
Diario de Cuyo La nueva era de procesadores 13 December 2011
El Punt - Avui El nou projecte del Barcelona Supercomputing Center 02 December 2011
La El supercomputador més potent del món, en construcció 01 December 2011
Computerworld UK Why the US lead in technology is under threat 24 November 2011 Superkomputer z tabletowym procesorem 16 November 2011
Gry i Nowe Technologie Pierwszy na świecie superkomputer hybrydowy 16 November 2011 EU Builds Hybrid ARM-Based Supercomputer 16 November 2011
The Next Big Future Overview of the Mont Blanc ARM-GPU supercomputer project 16 November 2011
GPU science Overview of the Mont Blanc project: European HPC platform based on low-power embedded technology 16 November 2011
CIO España Ingenieros españoles trabajan en el primer supercomputador híbrido de CPUs y GPUs 15 November 2011 Spain Builds Supercomputer With Cellphone Chips 15 November 2011
Computer World El termómetro: El supercomputador híbrido de CPU y GPU tiene sabor español 15 November 2011
TG Daily ARM powers CPU/GPU hybrid supercomputer 14 November 2011
Market Wire Barcelona Supercomputing Center to Deploy World's First ARM-Based CPU/GPU Hybrid Supercomputer 14 November 2011