Press clippings

Media Title Publication Date
Gry i Nowe Technologie Pierwszy na świecie superkomputer hybrydowy 16 November 2011 EU Builds Hybrid ARM-Based Supercomputer 16 November 2011
The Next Big Future Overview of the Mont Blanc ARM-GPU supercomputer project 16 November 2011
CIO España Ingenieros españoles trabajan en el primer supercomputador híbrido de CPUs y GPUs 15 November 2011 Spain Builds Supercomputer With Cellphone Chips 15 November 2011
Computer World El termómetro: El supercomputador híbrido de CPU y GPU tiene sabor español 15 November 2011
TG Daily ARM powers CPU/GPU hybrid supercomputer 14 November 2011
Market Wire Barcelona Supercomputing Center to Deploy World's First ARM-Based CPU/GPU Hybrid Supercomputer 14 November 2011 CPUs Nvidia vão equipar supercomputador 14 November 2011
ZD Net Europe taps Nvidia for ARM-based supercomputer 14 November 2011
eWeek Mont-Blanc, el supercomputador europeo de bajo consumo energético 14 November 2011
Softpedia Nvidia's Kal-El SoC Used for ARM-Based Hybrid Supercomputer 14 November 2011
eWeek Nvidia, European Centers to Create ARM-Based supercomputer 14 November 2011 Spain, Nvidia plan GPU and ARM-based exascale supercomputer 14 November 2011
Wall Street Journal blog Barcelona Center Makes Super Bet on Cellphone Chips. 14 November 2011
SOC Central Barcelona Supercomputing Center to Deploy ARM-Based CPU/ GPU Hybrid Supercomputer 14 November 2011
Nvidia Barcelona Supercomputing Center to Deploy World's First ARM-Based CPU/GPU Hybrid Supercomputer 13 November 2011
HPC Wire Barcelona Supercomputing Center Selects Allinea Debugger for Mont Blanc Project 11 November 2011
La Vanguardia Projecte Mont-Blanc: Supercomputació 11 November 2011
Inside HPC What Exactly is the Mont-Blanc Project for Exascale? 11 November 2011
EE Times Spain, Nvidia plan ARM-based supercomputer 11 November 2011
Bull European industry and research centres join forces to create a European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing 10 November 2011
Research Centre Jülich (FZJ) Europe invests in designing a new energy-efficient Exascalemachine 10 November 2011
Scientific Computing World Mont-Blanc project sets aims 31 October 2011
Agencia noticias SINC España lidera un proyecto europeo para desarrollar el supercomputador más potente del mundo 30 October 2011
HPC Wire European Project Will Design Energy-Efficient Exascale Machine 26 October 2011
JSC News JSC Participates in Mont-Blanc 13 October 2011
ARM Barcelona Supercomputing Center to Deploy Prototype ARM-based CPU/GPU Supercomputer 14 November 2010